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  • Aluin
    Art, Design
    Director of Babel Studios, but also a painter, illustrator and photographer.
  • The Haworth Agency
    Literary Agency
    We are a literary agency representing scriptwriters and books for adaptation. Our clients work for both screen and stage, in the UK and beyond.
  • SO&SO
    Fine Art, Design, Publishing
  • Highgate Partners Ltd
    Business Psychology, Career Coaching , Selection & Assessment, Leadership Development
  • By Ezana
    Natural nail/ hand painted art services.

    Natural candle business.
  • Costudio
    Construction Consultants
    Independant construction cost consultants working across the leisure, hospitality and entertainment sectors
  • Hunted Brands
    Brand agency specialising in footwear and accessories.
    A London based agency specialising in premium footwear and accessories. Offering all services from wholesale and brand representation to design and product development.
  • Show And Tell Productions Ltd
  • PML Architecture
  • Senzo Health Limited
    Medical diagnostics
    Senzo was founded with the vision of utilising microfluidics to create mobile devices with the ability to accurately identify diseases at their very inception. Existing testing technologies are like the IBM mainframe computers of the 1950s: large, slow, and expensive. Senzo is creating modern systems which are fast, accurate, and mobile.
  • Tom Chick Pictures Ltd
  • Abayah Warehouse
    Clothing company
    Abayah Warehouse is a clothing line who specialise in modest wear. We are an all inclusive brand and provide to nursing friendly and plus size ranges.
  • Zut Games
  • YPO Consultancy Ltd
  • Penna Architects
    Architecture, Design, Creative
    From small scale residential projects to boutique hotels and commercial premises, Penna’s architecture and design philosophy represents a fusion of contemporary British and Scandinavian ideals, underpinned by contextual and material sensitivity, with an inherent drive to innovate.
  • Squareplus Architects Ltd
    Architectural and Interior Design Services for Residential and Commercial Projects
  • deUNIT
    boutique architectural design studio
  • Yumsk Ltd
    Motion Design
  • Nancy Gouldstone Architects
  • Carmen Wright
    I am a registered UKCP trainee therapist, in the fifth year of the clinical training programme at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR). My practice is influenced by both Freud's and Jacques Lacan's teachings. I abide by CFAR's code of ethics, as well as by those outlined by UKCP.
  • Daniel Mapp
    I’m a registered UKCP trainee psychotherapist and have been training since 2014 with the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, a London-based organisation established to promote and develop Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis in the UK.
  • Dominic Tolfts Design
    Production Design
    With over twenty years' experience Dominic Tolfts Design is one of the entertainment industry’s most respected and sought-after set designers. Dominic brings together a team of experts to create exciting and innovative sets, balancing budget constraints without sacrificing quality; and always pushing the boundaries of design to the limit.
  • Double Dice Films
    Film Production
    Double Dice Films is a creative content studio, based in London, with shoot capabilities across the globe. We offer fast, affordable, premium film and animation services - whatever your budget.
  • E Koike Ltd
    Psychotherapy, Councelling
    At the centre of psychotherapy is the relationship between client and counsellor. As a psychodynamically trained practitioner, my approach is to listen to you and help you find your own answers to problems, working in a warm, open and supportive way. Together we will try to explore and understand how your feelings and experiences may be impacting your daily life and relationships.
  • Elbie van Eeden Hair
    Hairstylist specialising in colour. Focusing on laidback luxury in hair.
  • HOOD
    A luxury hat label designed by Adèle Mildred and Gabrielle Djanogly.
    Drawing inspiration from the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age they design hats for every part of the modern woman’s wardrobe – from a winter warm bonnet to an alluring veil. In a time of fast fashion this eco-conscious duo are slowing the pace, hand-making hats with an ardent focus on craftswomanship and sustainability.
  • Picto Studios Ltd
    3D Visuals
    As a London based team we have been producing 3D visuals and animations of the very highest quality at competitive rates for architects, developers and designers for over fifteen years.
  • Rivington Bye
    Graphic Design, Editorial, Brand development, Art Direction
    Founded in 2007, Rivington Bye is a full service design and editorial agency that exists to promote and substantially increase revenue for premium brands, principally in the upscale hospitality sector.
  • Special Sauce Ltd
    Graphic Design, Design, Creative, Web Design / Development
    We’re a creative agency that has all the right ingredients for perfect results every time.

    You might be surprised, that for such a compact team, we come armed with such a breadth of skills and experience. We’ve got 40 years in London’s top agencies and media companies behind us, so we bring with us a fantastic pedigree.
  • Tanja Martin - Stylist
    Enjoying working with real people Tanja regularly works closely with a artists in the film and music industries and has worked with Pharrell, Cillian Murphy, Michael Fassbender, Colin Firth, Kit Harrington and Peter Capaldi.
  • TAS Architects
    A team of architects & designers specialising in sustainable and contemporary building design.

    Whether designing a new home, rethinking an existing dwelling or creating a whole new neighbourhood, we craft beautiful buildings that are rooted in their landscape and community.
  • Thea Lewis Yates