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Studio 13


A gorgeous space on the ground floor.  You get massive windows onto the street, with a screen that creates a space that you could use for displaying things to the public.  Its quirky shape is ideal for setting up different zones within your office.  The last tenant had a sofa/meeting area at one end and 3 desks at the other.

  • 1-4 people
  • unfurnished (though there are a few bits in there at the moment that could be yours)
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Common Facilities

  • Wired & Wireless Broadband
  • Meeting Area
  • Kitchen & dining Area
  • Shower
  • Courtyard
  • Bike Storage
  • Dogs welcome



Light, heat, water, internet


Business Rates
(eligible for 100% discount)


  • No VAT
  • 6 month rolling license
  • 1 month deposit
  • 1 month rent in advance
  • 2 months notice
  • Licence.pdf