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Not For Profit

I am not mad, of course I have to make money. However my goal is the provision of space and services, with profit merely a means to that end.

In practice this means that all profits are fed back into the business and don't go to line the pockets of shareholders.


For most landlords it is the provision of space that is their core value (after money), with community being a by-product of putting lots of people in the same building. Here at Babel we will be organising evening events/talks/workshops, and hope that you the residents will take an active part in both organising and attending.

Your Space

When you rent a space I want you to treat it like you own it. You are free to put up shelves, paint walls or anything else that catches your fancy.


kings cross

Babel Studios has a long and glorious history stretching far back in to the mists of time and the year 2009. Back then I was young and foolish, and took on a project of epic proportions to renovate a completely derelict stables in Kings Cross. You can see the construction photos on the facebook page.

The plan was to buy the buildings and so provide a good, stable base for the Babelite empire. Unfortunately it didn't work out due to intransigent banks and other stuff unrelated to the success of the space. The actual running of the space was a roaring success and I am proud to have provided a first base for lots of people that shall go on to do great things.




Director / site manager / odd–job man / web designer / photographer

The Company

Babel Studios SE1 Ltd.


June 2012

Company Number


Registered Address

82 Southwark Bridge Road, 
London, SE1 0AU

Sole Director

Aluin Mallinson